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26 September 14:00 — 17:00

Per Lindvall

Chief sound engineer Willem Bleeker

45€ / $49

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LAUNCH PRICE! Only 45 Euro / 49 USD

Studio session with Per Lindvall

Welcome to take part in a three-hour-long livestream where you get to join Per as he lays down tracks in Baggpipe studios with chief sound engineer Willem Bleeker. You get to see the whole recording chain: We cover it all, from mic choices to room acoustics and effect settings. We also go into detail on drum placement and cymbal choices and drums heads with Pers drum personal drum tech. As a bonus, you will also get extra material; Video when Per is playing, Raw files separate drum tracks and stems plus play alongs and instructions.. (Read more further down on this page)

All filmed with a multi-cam setup with 12 cameras in 4k quality. Audio is fed straight from the SSL desk in the studio and will be mastered live by the team at Cutting Room for the highest possible quality of both audio and video.

During the stream, you can also ask questions for Per and Willem that they will answer live on air, while also taking part in the atmosphere and dialog between Per and all people in the studio during the entire stream. Per Lindvall is a legendary musician and Pers groove is his own entirely. It will be felt and heard, that we can promise. You don’t want to miss this!

Play Alongs

Who doesn’t want to get an awesome play along? For you as a viewer of the event, we will make play along files available for download the 30th of September. We give you separate versions for Drums, Bass, Guitar and Keys, so you can lay down your own tracks and test your skills. Together with the files, you get a music chart with the song form as a PDF. Of course, you also get access to the video where Per lays down his unique grooves so you can study his technique in detail.


Raw files & stems

If you are interested in audio and mix your own music you’ll want to to get access to the raw files of the recorded material. We will make that available for download on the 30th of September so you can make your own mix, eq and add effects to taste. It is all included with instructions and a channel chart so you can get a clear image of how it was recorded and what you got to work with. And, you also get the mixed version, mastered and ready as a reference in the package.

Discussion and Q&A

During the event we will have several Q&A’s where you get the opportunity to ask Per and Willem questions. We will also be doing an initial podcast interview and a closing summary where we touch on different topics from the viewpoint of the craft of being a musician and sound engineer to give more insight. If you have some questions beforehand you have the opportunity to submit your requests via email to [email protected] and it may well happen we´ll choose your question during the pod interview.


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LAUNCH PRICE! Only 45 Euro / 49 USD

You’ll get a unique chance to, for the first and maybe only time ever, get to experience Per Lindvalls amazing talent and persona.
The event will be broadcasted live here at and further instructions will be sent to you via email. We recommend that you use awesome speakers or maxed out headphones and connect your computer to a TV to get the best experience imaginable. Made to be played loud!


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