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On this page you can get info on:

1. General terms for ticket purchase 2. General terms 3. integrity policy

Sales of tickets for events are handled by Staytee Comtank AB 556619-1978 Moms/VAT-nummer: SE556619197801 Kontakt: [email protected]

These terms were updated on the 20 of august 2020 and concerns all ticket sales from this date.

Staytee Comtank AB internet service (““), below referred to as The Service, through which you can buy tickets to events that are streamed to you as a buyer.

  1. Personal use

Tickets may only be purchased for personal use and is not for commercial use unless this has been agreed to separately with This means that tickets may not be purchased and/or tranfsered for other commercial purposes. Tickets may not be offered in competitions or similar or in context with other products or services without written consent from and/or the artist/creator of the content in question.

1.2  My account

To be able to use The Service you must have a username and a password. You get this by purchasing a ticket on the webpage. You are personally responsible for keeping the username and the password secret and safe.This is important because you will personally be responsible for all orders and actions taken using your username and/or password. This is also the case even if someone unauthorised have been using the username and/or password. It is up to you to make sure all personal information given in the account creating process is correct. Reaktlive does not control this information and can not take responsibility of its validity.

1.3 Cancelled or rescheduled events

Reaktlive is responsible for informing via email in the case an event is cancelled or rescheduled. In these cases the ticket is paid back as a refund minus an administrational fee of 4% of the ticket price.

1.3.2 Value check

In the case of cancelled or rescheduled events you may as purchaser of a ticket be offered a value check on the ticket value, decisions on value checks are being taken by together with the artist/creator of the particular content. That value check ca be used to buy tickets to events by the same artist and/or creator at

1.4 Purchases that violates the agreed terms and conditions

Reaktlive reserves the right to cancel purchases with immediate effect or close a user account if you as a purchaser of tickets have not given the correct information or personal data or in other ways violate or avoid the terms of agreement made with This is the case if you book more tickets than is permitted or buy tickets for commercial use. In these circumstances none of the charges or fees are repaid. Reaktlive can also decide to not refund the price for the ticket. You are personally responsible for the safekeeping of both the username and password so that no unauthorised persons can get to that information.

1.5 Right of withdrawal

The legal terms of withdrawal (2005:59) concerning distance agreements outside of places of business  (distansavtalslagen) is not applicable when purchasing tickets for events. After purchasing the ticket you are therefore committed to that purchase. You can however stop a purchase until payment has gone through.

We treat your personal information in accordance with our personal information policy. When you register we collected information on behalf of the artists administration, promotor and record company. We can also share the information so that the are able to administer the event and for marketing use according to their personal information policy.

  1. general terms for services

2.1 General

Reaktlive reserves the right to The Service ( and its contents. As a user of The Service you do not have the right fully or in part to in any way copy, reproduce, save, move, pass on, distribute, publish, or add material download on your computer any material connected to The Service (including copy, images, logos, trademarks, graphics or music= without written approval from Reaktlive. It is also not allowed to use trademarks or logotypes linked to ReaktLive services or products without written approval and agreement with ReaktLive.

2.2 Legal use

No information about The Service may be copied, changed or used without written approval from ReaktLive. Violation of this can lead to legal consequences/actions and/or financial damages. If you violate the terms of ReakLive you may loose the right to use The Service. RaktLive also reserves the right to cancel any tickets or bookings on the webpage if you have entered misleading personal information.

2.3 Responsibility for The Service

ReaktLive has responsibilitiy for The Service, making it possible to but tickets. ReakLive is not responsible for and will not compensate for loss due to power failure, streaming breakdowns, delays, or other force majeure related failures, or similar technical circumstances that make the use of The Service impossible or difficult.

2.4 Immaterial rights

all trademarks, other brand related features, logotypes, content, designs, e documents, files, graphics, images, video and audio, photos, databases, software, and products that are found on the webpage or are in use when supplying The Service are to be considered immaterial rights and goes under the laws of property owned by ReaktLive or by third party that is a business  partner with ReaktLive. All such content is protected and may not be copied, changed, used in public, licensed or transfered.

2.5 The right to make changes

ReaktLive own the right to make changes to, add or remove material that is part of The Service, and also limit the access to The Service with no further warning in advance, and at any time. ReaktLive also has the right to at any time change the conditions for usage of The Service and its content and choose of services.

2.6 Responsibility for services

ReaktLive is not responsible for, and will not compensate in the event of loss due to power failures, delays, other breakdowns or other technical circumstances that make the use of The Service impossible or difficult.

2.7 Links

The Service contains different links to webpages that are maintained by other than ReaktLive. ReaktLive is not responsible for the functionality or the content of the webpages that the links go to.

2.8 Applicable law

Swedish law is applicable to these general terms and conditions.

  1. Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy have been designed to give you as a user the best experience possible.  When buying a ticket from us we may use the information you give us to meet our responsibilities distributing The Service and, where allowed, keep you informed of other events that can be of interest to you.

Your choices and rights are explained in more detail below.

What information we have and where we get it:

We collect and keep different data when purchasing tickets and creating an account with us. You can also register for the newsletter or a specific event.

How we share this data and why:

We may share data with the artist, promotor, record company or other collaborative partner linked to specific events.

Your rights and choices:

You can choose if you want marketing material or newsletters from us. You also have the right to the data we have on your account.

Routines for protection of data

We take steps to always protect your data and erase it safely when we no longer have use for it.

Contact us:

If you have any questions or feedback on how we manage your data, privacy policy or general terms you can contact us on [email protected].