On this page, you can read our 1. General Terms and Conditions for ticket collection and purchase, 2. General Terms and Conditions. 3. Our Privacy Policy
The sale of event tickets from Reakt Live.com is carried out by Staytee Comtank AB Org. number: 556619-1978 VAT number: SE556619197801 Contact: info@Reakt Live.com

These terms were updated on January 1, 2023, and apply to all tickets retrieved or purchased from this date.
Staytee Comtank AB’s Internet service (“Reakt Live.com”), hereafter referred to as the Service, through which you can retrieve, book, and purchase tickets to events streamed to you as a buyer.

1. Personal Use
Tickets may only be purchased or retrieved for personal use and may not be used for commercial purposes unless this has been separately agreed with Reakt Live.com. This means that tickets may not be purchased and/or resold for commercial purposes. Tickets may also not be offered in competitions or in connection with the offering of another product or service without written consent from Reakt Live.com and/or the responsible artist.

1.2 My account
To use the Service, you must have a valid ticket for the event. You obtain this by purchasing or collecting a ticket on the website. You are responsible for keeping the ticket private. This is important because it can only be used from one device at a time.

1.3 Canceled or Moved Events
Reakt Live is responsible for informing by email in the event an event is canceled or moved. For canceled or moved events, the ticket will be refunded as a repurchase minus an administration fee of 4% of the ticket price.

1.3.2 Voucher
In connection with moved and canceled events, you as a ticket buyer may be offered a voucher as compensation for the ticket value, the decision to offer a voucher is made by Reakt Live and the current artist or creator. The received voucher can then be used to purchase tickets for events by the same artist or creator on Reakt Live.com

1.4 Purchases that Contravene Established Terms
Reakt Live reserves the right to cancel a booking or purchase and immediately deactivate a customer account if you as a ticket buyer do not provide correct information about yourself or otherwise breach or attempt to circumvent Reakt Live’s terms and conditions during ticket purchase. This includes, for example, if you book or purchase more tickets than allowed or purchase tickets for commercial use. In case of cancellations for such reasons, the service fee or any distribution fees paid will not be refunded. Reakt Live may also decide not to refund the ticket price paid. You are responsible for storing user ID and password securely, and that no unauthorized person can access the information.

1.5 Right of Withdrawal for Ticket Purchases
The rules on the right of withdrawal in the Act (2005:59) on distance contracts and agreements outside of business premises (the Distance Contracts Act) do not apply to the purchase of event tickets. Once payment has been made, you are therefore bound by your purchase. However, you can cancel a reservation until payment has been made.
We process your personal data in accordance with our personal data policy. When you register, we also collect information about you on behalf of the artist’s administration, promoter, and record company. We may also share the data with them so that they can administer the event and conduct marketing according to their personal data policy.

1.6 Applicable Law
Swedish law applies to purchases.

2 General Terms and Conditions for Reakt Live’s Services

2.1 General
Reakt Live reserves the right to the Service (Reakt Live.com) and its content. You as a user of the Service do not have the right, in whole or in part, to copy, reproduce, save, move, forward, distribute, publish, add to other material or download to your own computer, any material related to the Service (including text, images, trademarks, logos, graphics, and music) without written permission from Reakt Live. It is not allowed to use trademarks and/or logos linked to Reakt Live’s services or products unless otherwise agreed in writing with Reakt Live.

2.2 Legal Use
No information about the Service may be copied, processed, or used without specific written permission from Reakt Live. Violation of the prohibition may lead to legal action and possible damages and/or legal liability. If you breach Reakt Live’s terms, you may lose the right to use the Service. Reakt Live also has the right to cancel bookings on the website if you have provided misleading personal information or if the customer breaches or circumvents Reakt Live’s general terms and conditions.

2.3 Intellectual Property
All intellectual property rights to the Service and to the material published on the site belong to Reakt Live or our partners. This material includes, but is not limited to, designs, text, graphics, images, video, information, logos, software, audio and all other forms of data or communication. Your use of the Service grants you no right to reproduce, copy, distribute, modify, publish or otherwise use any content on the Service for any commercial or public purposes.

2.4 Liability
Reakt Live takes no responsibility for indirect damages, such as loss of profit or damage that may arise from the use of the Service. Reakt Live is not liable for the content of external sites to which links are provided from Reakt Live’s Service. Reakt Live is also not liable for indirect damages that may affect the use of the Service, such as technical problems, delays or lost connections.

2.5 Changes to the Terms and Conditions
Reakt Live has the right to make changes to these terms and conditions. The latest version of the terms and conditions will always be available on the website. As a user, you are responsible for staying updated with these changes. Your continued use of the Service after such changes constitutes your acceptance of the new terms and conditions.

2.6 Force Majeure
Reakt Live is exempt from penalty for failing to perform certain obligations under this Agreement if the failure is due in a liberating circumstance as described below and the circumstance prevents, complicates or delays the completion. Such liberating circumstances include, among others, government intervention, new/amended legislation, absence of state, war events, fire, flood, labor disturbance, prohibitions, restrictions, sabotage, poor transport or weather conditions or lack of delivery from suppliers and the company is exposed to criminal activity that affects activities.