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Reakt Live Studio Nights

Studio Nights

Get ready for a revolutionary new music experience — Reakt Live Studio Nights. You’ll meet your favorite artists, musicians and bands as they peel back the curtain on their creative process and recording techniques. Each session is live-streamed from the legendary Baggpipe Studios in Stockholm. It’s raw, real and dangerously unpredictable. Enjoy the show.

the legendary studio


Our goal is to offer the highest quality audio experience. And there is no better place to set up shop than Baggpipe Studios. Formerly Abbey Road Stockholm, the studio has hosted top artists from around the world. It’s also brought many Swedish artists to the world stage, most of the Billboard #1 hits made by a Swedish artist have been recorded here.

This place is an important platform for all actors in the music industry where Baggpipe Creative Minds works towards creative and relevant making of music. Considering what the building has to offer from a technical, competence and drive standpoint it is easy to understand why Baggpipe was at the top of the list as a collaborative partner.

multicam experience

It is all about creating the highest possible value for the viewers. Part of that experience is an extremely thought-through technical solution and a long chain of details.

We’ve added to Baggpipe a full service, live- streaming videostudio featuring multiple 4K cameras and studio quality lighting. We stream in full HD and the audio is mastered live from Cutting Room before it is broadcast to you.